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 We had a great event last year!

Your generosity gave a “helping hand to the hands that help our children” in these ways:

20 iPads to PT/OT to help track neurological movement disorders

Integrated 3d surgical software for Neurology and Neurosurgery

New Smart Glove® technology for children with neuro muscular disorders

Thank you for your interest in the PNUT Fund

Please lend your “Helping Hand” to the nurses and techs at the main campus of

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Lab by donating LATEX FREE character bandaids!

We would love to spread more smiles by putting LATEX FREE character bandaids on the children who bravely endure blood draws.  Unfortunately these bandaids are in low supply.

Giving a helping hand to the hands that
help our children.

promo-pnutThe PNUT FUND -Pediatric Neurosciences Unite Together- was created with the goal of tracking and improving outcomes by raising funds for cutting edge equipment and technology to advance diagnosis and treatments in collaboration with our team of doctors nurses and staff at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Neurosciences Department.

Helping Hands

Would you like to give a "Helping Hand"?

If you would like to partner with the PNUT Fund to give

a “Helping Hand to the Hands that Help Our Children

drop us a message if you are a service group, business or any individual.

We always have a list of ways to help!

Helping Hand Opportunities

There are a number of needs around the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Neurosciences. Please contact us for full listing and additional detail on how you can help.

Occupational/Physical Therapy Department needs

Smart Glove project

itunes Gift cards for updated programs on ipads

Main Campus Lab

Latex Free Character Bandaids


Our Goals

Cutting edge technology and equipment in the hands that help our children.


Why it’s needed and how can it make a difference?

Treating brain lesions can be difficult. The blood-brain barrier, which normally serves to protect the brain and spinal cord from damaging chemicals getting into those structures, also keeps out many types of drugs.

Our Accomplishments

Neuroimaging Software

This  software platform allows neurologists and neurosurgeons to combine multiple information from EEG, MRI, fMRI, CT, MEG, and PET to create a 3d image ensure the maximum information from the patients complete data to be used in making critical decisions by the clinical team.  It also allows all doctors involved in the surgery to see the brain in a 3d form this helps our Neurologists and Neurosurgeons in evaluating the source and intensity of a seizure or location of a tumor and determine the best course of treatment and intervention.

Smart Glove 

Smart Glove

Fun games that make the exercises more fun!


Because of your generosity this brand new cutting edge technology is now available to our children diagnosed with variety of Neuro muscular disorders.  This glove give a helping hand to the occupational therapist who help children who are born with muscular disorders and children with traumatic brain injuries, stroke, seizures and many other disorders that can need to practice task specific motor skill repetitively.  A mom I spoke to said that with this technology her son was making faster progress because it was more like a game to him which made him more compliant to the exercises.

Your generosity has purchased one glove and the technology system that goes with it.  I have loved the feedback from the therapists, children, and parents who are using this great technology.  We hope to continue to raise money for more of these fantastic gloves to use during their therapy sessions and also scholarships that would allows patients whose insurance doesn’t cover this to take this technology home and use it everyday.

  • $100 gives a child a glove, tablet & 40+ games for one month.
  • $7,500 allows us to purchase an additional glove for on site therapy.  We would like to have one more glove at main campus and one glove at the Mequon and New Berlin sites.



Delivering the iPads to the Physical and Occupational therapists was so much fun.  Your generosity provided iPads to 4 locations for both inpatients and out patients across the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin system!  iPad air and iPad Pro with cases, stylus, and enough iTunes money to get all the apps they needed!  Here is why this is so important:

The therapists can now record gait, movement, transfers for use after a session to send to the neurologists and to use for progress comparisons.

Easier evaluation of client function by recording it instead of describing it.

  • pre/post surgery or proceedure
  • movement with or with out braces
  • compare before and after a break in treatment

These iPads have fun apps!  This creates entertainment and motivation for patients

Other uses:

  • Biofeedback
  • Visual perceptual exercises like memory and recognition
  • Cognitive tasks:  money, sequencing activities, recall and recognition,
  • Kitchen skills like recipe apps and looking up information
  • Handwriting tasks

In addition, I heard that this gift helped the Occupational and Physical Therapy department in many unintended ways.  Your gift went beyond the iPad.  It gave a department feel important in the neurosciences department.  It gave the people who work in it a new inspiration for how important their work is in the overall quality of a child’s life especially post operatively.  It has also promoted others to give to this department.  Please take time to read their letters of thanks!

smart glove thank you letter

Surgical Intraoperative Flourescence

Neurosurgery sometimes requires special equipment in order to conduct extremely minute procedures.  To accomplish this neurosurgeons use a surgical microscope.  This upgrade provides special lighting and magnification.  Surgical fluorescence is a technique where fluorescent light is used to identify certain structures during surgery.  This new technology uses this technique and provides intraoperative information to the surgeon and operating team, directly though the microscope eyepieces or on the monitor.  The information gained allows the surgeon to make faster progress in work, increase surgical precision, and improve patient outcomes.



We helped purchase the fiber optics for the Visualase . The Visualase® provides advanced MRI-guided laser ablation technology for thermal ablation markets, including neurosurgery. Laser energy is delivered to the target area using a laser applicator. As light is delivered through the laser applicator, temperatures in the target area begin to rise, destroying the unwanted tissue.7

Because Visualase procedures are guided by MRI images, the procedure can provide precise ablation. Due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, hospital stays have been reported to be reduced compared to open procedures.

Advantages of Visualase Laser Ablation Technology

  • Most procedures are completed in less time as compared to open procedures
  • Most patients have little or no hair removed
  • Minimal sutures required, typically a 1-stitch suture
  • Most patients are discharged after a shorter stay as compared to open procedures
  • Reduced scarring compared to open procedures


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