We helped purchase the visulase and here is how it makes a difference…

Treating brain lesions can be difficult. The blood-brain barrier, which normally serves to protect the brain and spinal cord from damaging chemicals getting into those structures, also keeps out many types of drugs. Surgery can be difficult and risky due to proximity to critical structures, and radiation therapy can damage healthy tissue. Visualase is a new technology that can mean life changing medicine for tumor and epilepsy patients.

Because Visualase procedures are guided by MRI images, the procedure can provide precise targeting of tumors or damaged tissue using laser technology. What this means for the patients is little or no pain, decreased recovery time so less hospitalization time for the patient. Finally this technology is often performed on otherwise inoperable tumors/lesions giving patients with little or no options renewed hope for the future.

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Premium Operating Microscope

A premium operating microscope is a necessity for a pediatric neurosurgeon who needs the greatest visibility when operating on a child’s brain or spine to make it easier to remove only the damaged or diseased portions of the brain or spine. This update will give our surgeons a better, sharper view within deep, narrow cavities in the brain or spine and a wider area of focus. This microscope allows for fluorescence technologies which injects colors into the body, giving the surgeon better visualization of diseased and healthy tissues, blood flow aneurysms, and highlighting structures.

This precision again means better outcomes for the patient. A less invasive procedure means less pain, decreased recovery time & hospitalization and fewer complications which makes for happier healthier children and parents.


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